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SFK's Ji Bae Testimony

SFK's Ji Bae Testimony

Every day, I am renewed with love and energy, knowing that I have been chosen to be saved by God’s grace, despite being broken and a sinner. As a younger man, I discovered that I had a strong interest in traveling, and learning about new cultures and customs. It was out of these interests, I felt called by the Great Commission, to connect with SFK Ministries. I am particularly drawn to the “Business as Mission,” philosophy that recognizes that God blesses all aspects of our life, especially our work. Working with our international partners to build foundationally Christian business, I have been blessed to watch the Lord transform lives and work across the globe.

Currently, I work with SFK as the director of IT. I have also had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer as part of the SFK Missional Business Academy. My professional experience lies in project management, especially amongst technology teams, process improvement, and structural organization. This aligns with my personal drivers, including good old fashioned, “getting things done,” constant improvement, and lifelong learning.

As I reflect on the tremendous blessings and opportunities that the Lord has given me in my life, I look forward to the future. As a father, husband, and child of God, I pray that God may continue to work in me to partner with our brothers and sisters across the globe to build a world that is more connected, filled with love, and furthers His kingdom.

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