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NightLight Collection: Made in Thailand by women set free to shine

NightLight Collection: Made in Thailand by women set free to shine

In 2005, NightLight’s founder, Annie Dieselberg had a vision to build a life-giving company to employ the women in Thailand who find themselves vulnerable to being exploited in a dark industry. After meeting many of these women, hearing their stories, and seeing their desire for alternative options for living, she founded the company and began to address the lack of opportunity for women trapped in Bangkok’s sex trade by providing them with a viable alternative means for supporting themselves. NightLight Collection is handcrafted by one of their artisans; women who are pursuing the personal development opportunities that NightLight offers. Each necklace, earring, and bracelet helps break the cycle of exploitation in a woman’s life, bestowing dignity and providing a meaningful way for her to support herself and her family. 

With your NightLight Collection purchase, NightLight artisans are about to learn skills in handcrafted jewelry, sewing, sourcing, production, accounting, quality control, inventory, sales and leadership.  They also receive medical benefits, a savings plan, and salary increase based on performance and fund availability, and get to leverage NightLight’s child care center, a safe haven for their children that helps break the cycle of exploitation.  They also have an opportunity to receive scholarships for ongoing education for themselves and their children.  

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