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About Shop4Impact

About Us


Shop4Impact is an Online Marketplace for people who desire to create IMPACT through their SHOPPING. Shop4Impact sources and sells products that seek IMPACT in PEOPLE and for the KINGDOM of GOD.

Shop4Impact is a part of Synergy for the Kingdom (SfK) Ministries, a global network of individuals and organizations that aim to equip and empower Business as Mission (BAM) throughout Asia and Africa.

Shop4Impact operates through people who worship and love God by serving people in need around the world through BAM. These people have passionate hearts to create impactful change in the lives of underprivileged families around the world.

Our founder travels worldwide to support our mission. Our IT team is located in Philadelphia. Our web development lead recently returned from a mission in Rwanda, Africa. Our marketing and design team are based in California. Our logistics team is based in Phoenix, AZ and our developer serves in Thailand. Our global teams work together diligently in one heart and spirit.



We source products only from businesses and organizations that hire and train those in extreme poverty, victims of human trafficking, and other dire conditions in underdeveloped countries.

We sell products that evidence impact in people and community. By doing so, we seek holistic transformation impact and generational changes in the lives of people the businesses serve.

We empower the businesses that empower people they serve.



Jeffrey Lee was a highly successful CEO in the U.S. banking sector before leaving to pursue mission work full time in 2009. He felt strongly that the strong and rich should serve the weak and poor as Jesus has done in His time on earth.

He served in Rwanda and four other African nations through microfinance as mission. In 2015, he established SfK Ministries and currently leads the SfK Network that consists of 22 organizations in 16 nations.

As part of SfK Ministries, Jeffrey had a calling to create an e-commerce platform for U.S. consumers to make impactful purchases through products made by people in desperate need. The seed for was planted. It would give global victims of abuse and extreme poverty the opportunity to stand up on their own. It would also give opportunities for people to do missions through their purchases.



Shop. Enjoy. Share. While you can always make donations for the causes we support, we would rather seek your purchases. Your purchase, no matter how large or small, makes a meaningful impact in the lives of the hurt, the hungry, and the lost. Spread the word to your friends and family so they can help those in need. We all thank you!

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